Welcome to Bachson Academy

Bachson Academy is an educational institute that has locations at several host institutions around the USA. Bachson Academy is proud to partner with EduBoston as an ESL provider for their international students. Bachson Academy is more than just learning English. It is about preparing you for university success. Conditional admissions are given to Bachson Academy students at the host institutions, with hundreds of world renowned degree programs.
At our partner schools, Bachson Academy offers a sheltered English Language program to allow international non-native English speakers the opportunity to learn the school curriculum and polish their English Language proficiency, while making academic progress in their first semester of study in the USA.
The Mission of Bachson Academy is to provide international students excellent ESL instruction, orientation regarding US culture, assistance to help them achieve their personal and academic goals, while recognizing their individual and cultural differences and to provide ongoing support and development for staff and teachers ensuring that highly effective and engaging teaching methods are employed.

Meet the team:


Madeleine Monaghan Golda, MBA, MAT

Executive Director of Bachson Academy

Madeleine is the executive director of Bachson Academy in the USA.

Madeleine Golda
has been designing and delivering professional development seminars and webinars to high school teachers, ESL instructors and faculty, as well as to homestay families, domestic educators and agencies who work with international students here in the USA. She has worked with clients in South America and Europe. She specializes in socio-linguistic anthropology and cultural adjustment training. She has created and delivered training for corporations relating to cultural diversity, executive training and relocation, change management and employee relations.

Madeleine has managed an ESL department for many years and is also a site reviewer for CEA English Language Accreditation. In addition, Madeleine has been a member of the Fulbright National Screening Committee for ETA's across the world. Madeleine has extensive experience in the area of international student marketing and recruiting. She has been a guest speaker at plenary sessions at conferences, graduations and other private events.

Madeleine has an MBA in Educational Information Systems and a Masters in Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Fairfield University, Connecticut and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program.

A native of Ireland, Madeleine, has enjoyed teaching 2nd languages in many different school settings - private high schools, public schools and higher education - across the world. She has lived abroad and learned first hand the difficulties of learning a 2nd language and 2nd culture. She has worked as a cultural trainer for private corporations.

Her research specialty is "Learning disabilities in the ESL student". This area of research is particularly difficult as a learning disability can be initially perceived as an ESL difficulty. There are pedagogical methods to distinguish between the two and there are successful ways to address those challenges. Madeleine believes that it is critical that we help non-native English speakers find their own true voice and have the confidence to express it!


Jennifer Martin

Director of Bachson Academy at Assumption College

Jennifer Martin has been teaching English as a Second Language and English for Specific Purposes in the US and Spain since 2003. She has taught English language learners from 35 countries and of all ages, levels, and professions, along the way learning about their cultures, languages, stories, and hopes and being transformed and inspired by them.

Prior to joining Bachson Academy at Assumption College, Jennifer taught Academic English for four years in the Intensive English Language Institute at Worcester State University. She taught academic, conversational, and business English in Seville and Madrid, Spain, for 9 years and was the Director of Studies of a language school in Madrid, Spain.

She has developed many customized courses and course books, including specialized courses for CEOs, journalists, and bilingual teachers in Spain and in China, as well as culture and language intensive courses for energy industry and telecommunications professionals, a special program for medical professionals, a telephone training program, a series of pronunciation workshops, and even a language program for tax inspectors.

Her specialties in the area of Academic English include Content and Language Integrated Learning (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English), pronunciation coaching and teaching higher-level grammar, writing, and critical thinking for successful university level discourse. Herself an ever-curious independent learner who loves to read all things science, cognitive psychology, and pedagogy, she also strives to spark curiosity in her students and teach the skills and confidence that will set them on a lifetime of self-directed learning.

Jennifer received her bachelor's degree in English Writing and Editing from North Carolina State University and worked as a writer, policy researcher, and editor in the health care industry and at the US Department of State before becoming a teacher. She earned the Certificate in Teaching English Language to Adults from the University of Cambridge in January 2003 and is currently working on a Master's in Education at Worcester State University.


Joy Shi

Director of Student Services

Having attended high schools and universities in various countries, Joy understands personally the struggles that international students face on a daily basis. She also worked as an international student advisor at both the high school and college level and passionates about helping students reach their highest potential, both in school and life.


Winter Wu

Student Services

Winter was born and grew up in Mainland China, she received her B.A. degree major in Educational Psychology from East China Normal University, then she attended the graduate school here in the US, and got a M.Ed. degree from University of Pennsylvania major in Applied Psychology and School Counseling. Later she worked as an instructor in Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth, as well as a research assistant in the Special Education Center of ECNU. Winter joined Bachson Academy in 2016 and she is really enjoying her role in encouraging all the international students to strive for their personal best. Winter brings enormous experience to EduBoston in areas such as individual/group counseling programs for international students and host families, counseling skills for all grade levels in the areas of academic, college application, cultural conflicts, host family issues, and emotional/behavioral counseling services. Having been working as a bilingual school counselor and special education teacher for almost 15 years, Winter is thrilled to be working with the students, school teachers, administrators, and parents whom she so highly regards.

Winter's spare time is spent with her husband Kelvin and their lovely four-year-old son, Julian. Together they like watching movies, enjoying the music, playing tennis, traveling, and tasting delicious food from around the world.


Kate Lee

ESL Teacher

Kate has been an ESL teacher at EduBoston's SPM campus since January 2016. She has a B.A in English from Worcester State University and is a state-licensed ESL instructor.

Prior to joining the EduBoston team Kate spent three years in South Korea teaching students of various age and English ability. She also attended university in South Korea studying KSL (Korean as a second language). Kate believes that these experiences have made her culturally sensitive and aware of the many situations and emotions her students will encounter while learning a new language within a new culture. Every student can succeed with proper guidance and strong educational goals. When not in the classroom Kate enjoys reading, listening to Korean music, going on historical excursions, and relaxing at home with her husband and two cats.


Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.-Chinese Proverb.


Gemma Goranson

ESL Teacher

Gemma joined the EduBoston team in 2014 as one of the company's ESL instructors at the Saint Peter-Marian campus. Gemma graduated from Worcester State University in 2006 with her Bachelors degree in Sociology and has been teaching ESL since 2008.

With experience in education as well as counseling, Gemma is committed to providing each student with a positive learning environment that allows students to have the courage to step outside their comfort zones, strive to not only meet but exceed their goals, and get the very best out of this wonderful opportunity to study in American schools. With a life-long passion for world cultures, Gemma enjoys learning about her students' native countries, traditions and lifestyles, as well as providing them with support during the adjustment period of living with a host family. Gemma is an animal lover and when not in the classroom she enjoys reading, exploring nature, spending time with her family and working on Saint Peter-Marian's annual yearbook as SPM's yearbook advisor.

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